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D. Todd Williams, PC: Case Referrals

Shortly after he was admitted to the State Bar of Illinois, D. Todd Williams realized how important it was to keep his fellow attorneys informed of his status in Illinois. D. Todd Williams soon realized that it was paramount not only keep in touch with his peers, but all attorneys looking to provide their clients with legal option issues that arose in Michigan and Illinois. From Los Angeles to Little Rock, from New Orleans to Rock Springs, attorneys who have clients with legal needs in Michigan need to know that D. Todd Williams, P.C. can help.

D. Todd Williams' contact with his peers and other out of state attorneys has strengthened relationships and provided opportunities for those attorneys as well as D. Todd Williams, P.C. by providing clients with excellent representation but also allowing each attorney to maintain the integrity of their client base. In other words, trust us with your client, as well as trusting us to maintain your relationship with our clients.

As a referring attorney, you can without reservation, refer your client to us knowing that our ability to represent your client will meet your standards as well as provide a fair and reasonable financial arrangement for all parties. Most important is that your client comes back to you and thanks you for making the referral to D. Todd Williams, P.C.

At D. Todd Williams, P.C., we practice criminal law (including all alcohol and drug related offenses, serious felonies, white collar crimes), family law, divorce, child custody and visitation, alimony and child support. If your clients' issues go beyond those areas, our network of referral sources within Michigan are unmatched and we can point your clients to the best legal source.

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