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When Getting Along is Vital

If you are like most people going through a divorce, you look forward to a time when you will have minimal to no contact with your spouse. You want to move forward alone or in a new relationship and devote more time to your children. Yet the years between your divorce and your children reaching adulthood require you to maintain some level of connection with the other parent of your children.

In some ways, the relationship becomes even more critical than it was before your divorce. You now must make sure to communicate about your children’s schedules, about school activities, holidays and vacations.

The firm of D. Todd Williams, P.C., Attorneys at Law strives to help our clients maintain cordial, consistent contact with former spouses in order to help maintain the quality of life for children and avoid their being used as pawns. Let our firm help you move forward in a positive manner.

Flexible Visitation Schedules

Visitation, once physical custody has been established, is an important means of allowing children equal access to parents. Yet schedules, health concerns, work and school can all affect a parenting plan and even lead to contention. The attorneys of D. Todd Williams, P.C., Attorneys at Law believe in flexibility when helping parents create visitation schedules. We approach visitation keeping in mind how judges look at parenting schedule. Therefore while representing clients and ensuring their rights, we do encourage accommodation when making decisions about your children.

Understand and exercise your rights as you make decisions about child custody and visitation.

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