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Probation Violation — You Do Have Rights

  • When you have violated the terms of your probation, one of the best steps you can take before getting arrested is to turn yourself in. While this may not seem at first the best way to secure your rights, often your freedom becomes your most important bargaining chip. We’re happy to accompany you if you decide to turn yourself in.
  • The first step we’ll take when you visit us is to get an underlying idea of where you stand. We’ll look at the violation, any subsequent crimes, the city you live in, the court you will have to appear in and the judge you will have to appear before. Once we understand these factors, we can help you know how best to proceed.

  • We will guide you in taking proactive steps to help you reestablish credibility with the court. If your infraction was alcohol or drug related, we will help you get into a treatment program or schedule counseling.

OWI — We’ll Fight on Your Behalf

  • Drunk driving charges can be more serious than you first might think and can have a detrimental effect upon your insurance rates, ability to drive, and your ability to get to and from work efficiently. We’ve had numerous successes helping clients avoid conviction for OWI.

  • We’ve been instrumental in helping juveniles facing Minor in Possession (MIP) charges.

Drug Crimes — Giving You the Information to Make Vital Decisions

  • Whether your drug crime charge has to do with running a drug house or distributing cocaine, our skilled litigators will guide you and help apprise you of your rights.

  • We’ll help gather tangible evidence to build a strong case and help minimize penalties.

Sex Crimes — Buffering You as You Prepare for Trial

  • Facing charges for alleged sexual misconduct can affect all areas of your private and public life. Speak with our attorneys about handling your sex crimes case.

  • Knowing how to address the press, police and investigators in your sex crime case can be difficult. We’re happy to buffer you from the onslaught.

Domestic Violence — Guiding You through a Difficult Family Situation

  • We’ll look at all the facts surrounding your domestic violence charge in building a strong case for your defense.

  • If you have violated the terms of a restraining order, we can help minimize the outcome of that charge.

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