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Working to Help You Maintain Driving Privileges

I got caught up in a drunk driving situation in Western Wayne County. Everyone I talked to told me that I would get an impaired driving (conviction), tons of fines and probation. I hired D. Todd and two weeks later we were in his conference room reviewing the police reports and the squad car videos. D. Todd was able to convince the prosecutor that I was not drunk driving and all I got was a civil infraction for careless driving. I left the Court with a fine, no criminal conviction and no probation.

— Mark

If you are like Mark and have been charged with drunk driving, you probably have heard a lot of the same things — you’ll face large fines. You’ll have a conviction on your record. You’ll lose your driving privileges. Your car insurance will skyrocket.

Defending Minors in Possession

Those who are under 21 and have been caught with alcohol in their possession or in their system may face an MIP (Minor in Possession) charge. Attorney D. Todd Williams possesses experience and insight that may help minimize the impact on your future.


Helping You Understand and Exercise Your Rights

In addressing OWI or DUI charges we spend a great deal of time with our clients, both gathering and examining information regarding their case and helping them understand applicable law so that they have a better idea of where they stand and what options are available to them.

When you have been charged with drunk driving and face repercussions that can seriously hamper your ability to work or conduct daily business, it is important to understand and exercise your rights.

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